Farmyard Espresso 

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c) Special Animal Encounter & Milk Feeding (online only)


This is an opportunity to spend some time with a farmer and her extremely tame and beautiful farm animals and furry friends in small groups (maximum 6 children per group)

This pass entitles one person to; a farm pass (during opening times), milk feed a baby goat or lamb, pat a rabbit (as others have no access to this area), free food for the animals, special chicken feed to attract these fluffy exotic birds, learn to pick up a baby goat or lamb, and time with the farmer to meet the four legged animals one on one.

IMPORTANT: As the farm can be very busy, during opening hours, this takes place near the end of each opening day or at other designated time and runs for up to 45 minutes. Please select a time slot. These times are limited each opening. We recommend you arrive around one hour before closing and enjoy the animals and it is quieter at this time. We then will start your special encounter at the designated time.

Simply print out your proof of purchase (e.g. Paypal receipt) and bring it on the day to the Farmyard Espresso. Meet outside the Farmyard Espresso 5 minutes prior to your start time.

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